Totnes Community Darkroom


The Totnes Community Darkroom
The Totnes Community Darkroom

The darkroom is equipped with three enlargers:

  • De Vere floor standing enlarger for black and white printing up to 5” x 4” negatives
  • Gnome enlarger providing 35mm and 21⁄4” support
  • Durst 35mm

The darkroom is equipped with Jobo film tanks and a Durst RCP20 paper processor which will only be running black and white chemistry.

Hire costs
General use of the darkroom’s facilites (excludes De Vere use), donation
only to cover chemistry cost and room rent.
Black and white paper, 35mm film etc will be available at cost plus a little.
Exclusive use, £25 per half day and use of the De Vere.

Beginners course
The last Wednesday/Thursday/Friday of each month + 4 half days
of your choice throughout the next month. A maximum of three students.

  • Day 1 – Morning theory, afternoon on location
  • Day 2 – Morning on location, afternoon film processing
  • Day 3 – Morning contact printing, afternoon printing
  • Days 4 & 5 are divide up into 4 half day sessions where students can continue printing any of their work with guidance if required and have sole use of the darkroom

Pub lunch included for the first three days, a roll of 35mm film and 25 sheets of 10×8” paper. A Minotla 35mm camera can be provided.

£250 for the 5 days, including materials. Concessions available.

Call Mark on 07855 129142

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